The Stott Conditioning form of Pilates is an exercise program that emphasizes pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization in order to restore the natural curve of the spine rather than flatten out as more traditional exercise routines have done in the past. Pilates incorporates both mental and physical training concentrating on breathing, maintaining the rib-pelvis connection, and uses flowing movements unlike static postures in Yoga.

Unlike aerobic/tai bo routines Pilates nurtures the body rather than the body being conquered. In Stott Pilates body conditioning, we want you to work-in not work-out, focusing more on body awareness and positioning as you exercise. The goal is to create a strong torso by working the key postural muscles of the trunk and gently realigning, reshaping and balancing the muscles so that the whole body moves efficiently.

The ultimate goal of Pilates is to create strong abdominals, full body control and flexibility by performing low repetitions of a sequence of exercises that will strengthen the muscles and elongate them without creating bulk.

Joseph Pilates developed this program for dancers and elite athletes at the beginning of the century and over the last 5 years his techniques have gone through a renaissance and surge in popularity.

  • Builds core abdominal and back strength
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles and restores natural posture
  • Develops strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Enhances mobility and agility
  • Improves balance and function
  • Alleviates pain and tension


We have 1 certified Stott Pilates Intructor on staff.

Stella Roy is a physiotherapist who has completed the intensive training in Stott Pilates with Moira Stott in Toronto and continues to progress her knowledge with regular personal training sessions herself. Stella is currently teaching Pilates virutally online.

Essential Core Basics:

An introductory level mat class designed to introduce the STOTT PILATES foundation principles, from which all the other classes build from. Learn to activate your core, neutral spine awareness, and work your body efficiently to build strength, improve your posture, and prevent injury.

Somatics Reconnect: 

Return to your senses with proprioception using Props to enhance your balance systematically; the Fitness Circle, Foam Roller, BOSU and Stability Ball.  These props are integrated into this mat based class to add variety, and to challenge your strength and coordination.  Drawing inspiration from Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais and Dance conditioning, the awareness of mind-body sensory motor learning will improve your stability, stamina, resilience, and freedom of movement.

Pilates/Yoga for Osteoporosis:

The bones are not static. Bones in the human body are living, ever changing tissue that requires a steady supply of blood, oxygen, nutrients and a flow of energy (prana), through exercise that gently pushes and pulls the skeleton.

The fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga offer a terrific platform for strengthening bones and preventing fractures as well as reversal of bone loss. These core strengthening workouts strengthen bones, help prevent further bone loss and stimulate new bone growth.