Kegel Exercises for the Pelvic Floor

Starting the pelvic floor exercises

Relax your body and breathe during your exercises. Do not strain, bear down or hold your breath. Isolate the muscles. If done properly no one else can tell you are exercising. Keep the buttocks and inner thigh muscles relaxed.

To do the exercise

Place your fingers underneath the scrotum or over the rectal outlet over your underwear. Tighten or draw in the muscles as if you were preventing the passage of gas. This should feel like the rectal opening is squeezing shut and drawing up, not pushing down. The penis should move slightly to the side.

Types of exercises

There are two types of exercise, Quick contractions, one every second for 5 seconds and Endurance Contractions, tighten and lift and hold the contraction for up to 15 seconds. Your goal is initially 30 to 60 contractions divided into 4 sessions a day.


Begin in lying with your knees bent up and pillows supporting you once you can isolate the muscles, you can do them in sitting and standing or even walking.