Physiotherapists are able to help with stress and urge incontinence often following prostate surgery.

There are many different causes of incontinence.

Following an evaluation, physiotherapists use detailed education on the pelvic floor muscles, healthy bladder and bowel routines and may use timed voiding schedules. They will spend time teaching personalized pelvic floor exercise prescriptions and coordinated abdominal control to help in daily activities. Biofeedback and electrical stimulation have been shown to help increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and decrease the irritability of the bladder muscle to decrease the number of pads worn, and improve quality of life.

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Stress Incontinence

  • Involuntary loss of urine during physical exertion may be due to weak Pelvic floor muscles
  • "I leak when I cough or sneeze"

Urge Incontinence

  • Urine loss that occurs with a strong desire to urinate and only a few seconds warning. May be due to an over active bladder muscle.
  • I cannot wait. I need to pee now. Oops!